CanAm Aesthetic Inc. is a licenced Health Canada Medical Device Establishment (#4851) to which its founder has 25 years of experience in the Medical Device Industry, with the last 17 of those years in the Aesthetic Device Industry. We import and service a full offering of high quality Health Canada and CSA approved medical devices. We are proud of our suppliers and of our team of highly experienced professional sales reps, agents, clinical trainers and affiliated service engineers located throughout the country. By working together to achieve a common goal of success through teamwork, customer satisfaction and integrity, we are consciously aware that the opinions and experiences of our customers today, dictates the success of our company tomorrow!

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CanAm Aesthetic Inc

7659 Bramalea Road
Brampton, Ontario
Canada L6T 5V3

Phone : 1-647-620-2727

Health Canada Licence #4851

Phone : 1-647-620-2727
Health Canada Licence #4851


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